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AFIRM Mission Statement

AFIRM is a group of methadone maintenance treatment providers, consumers and other interested parties.  We support methadone maintenance as treatment and as an effective tool of recovery.

We believe that methadone is a successful form of treatment that can be enhanced by the integration of other treatment approaches.

Our mission includes the education and training of health providers and the community regarding the benefits of methadone treatment.  To fulfill this, we promote the development and proliferation of Methadone Anonymous and other 12-Step fellowships, clinical treatment alternatives, public relations initiatives and other political advocacy.

Who we are. . .

AFIRM was founded in 1995 to promote a new 12-Step program, Methadone Anonymous, and to integrate this 12-Step philosophy into traditional methadone treatment modalities.  Over the years, our focus has expanded to encompass counselor wellness and strong consumer participation.

What we do. . .

  • Assist clinics and detoxification units in establishing Methadone Anonymous programs
  • Provide methods for incorporating spirituality and stage-change modalities into traditional treatment settings
  • Advocate for the integration of a more holistic treatment philosophy
  • Facilitate changes in the relationships between providers and consumers to create partnerships that emphasize parity, identification of self, and harm reduction
  • Conduct counselor wellness workshops and in-service training
  • Educate and sensitize the treatment community and the general public at regional and national meetings and conferences
  • Conduct outcomes research to verify the legitimacy of our treatment approach

Our goals for the future. . .

  • Support and finance a National Methadone Anonymous Conference
  • Enhance and supplement ongoing education and training currently available to practitioners and consumers
  • Instill within the treatment community a more client centered and spiritual focus
  • Develop a strong consumer-driven infrastructure to improve consumer self-esteem and perceived self-efficacy
  • Establish a national Methadone Anonymous "hotline" for consumers and their families, as well as those not yet in treatment
  • Expand and enhance outcomes research
  • Obtain additional funding for our activities through grants and other sources

To learn more. . .

If you would like to learn more about AFIRM or need assistance in developing a Methadone Anonymous or counselor wellness program, contact us.